31 Day Vintage Challenge

Happy New Year!  Out with the old and ON with the old.

We eat, sleep, and breathe vintage fashion, but can we wear it every day for 31 days in January? We are two challenge-driven Virgos who love a goal with tight parameters, so here goes.

For 31 days in January, we are going to style, wear, and share 31 vintage outfits. We’ll wear them during our daily activities: at work, when we run errands, on vacation, and when we go out.

The rules:

  1. The outfits can be a mixture of modern and vintage from our own closets.
  2. Vintage outerwear and accessories alone don’t count. If the coat, earrings, or shoes are vintage, another part of the outfit (pants, shirt, blazer, etc) needs to be vintage  too.
  3. For this challenge, vintage means before 2000.

Join the challenge! Follow Aux Etoiles Vintage  on Instagram and check our stories for the weekly roundup. Post your own vintage looks with the hashtags #31dayvintagechallenge and vintageeveryday tag and be sure to tag @auxetoilesvintage.

To The Stars!

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