31 Day Vintage Challenge: Week One

When we gave ourselves the challenge to wear vintage clothing every day for the entire month of January, we wondered if we could pull it off. We sell vintage, sure, but do we have enough vintage in our closets to wear to work, to run errands, to take on vacation, etc. Well, I’m happy to report that the answer is yes! Being clothes hoarders helps, but taking a creative eye to our closets is also key. Let’s see how we did.

Day 1: Happy New Year (Tracy)

New Year’s Day is always a chill day for me, but it’s also a transition day between vacation and work. In a way, that’s what this outfit reflects. I love the idea of menswear juxtaposed with fitness wear, so this pair of men’s high-waisted trousers from Goodwill and this vintage Adidas track jacket that I acquired long ago were perfect. I love a good t-shirt, either vintage or vintage looking, and this new “vintage” Kansas tee from LFK Press is the best of both worlds. My favorite part of this look is the color contrast of the t-shirt and the pants.

Day 2: Reporting to Work (Tracy)

Wearing vintage to work can be tricky, depending on your profession. Fortunately for me, I work in a business casual office, so incorporating vintage is entirely doable. For the big day back, I chose a vintage blue polyester blouse that once belonged to my mom (also a clothes hoarder), a Madewell turtleneck, and vintage high-waisted Army pants which I found, fittingly enough, at the Salvation Army . Tip: I like the way vintage polyester blouses hang, but I don’t like the way they feel. Layering them with a cotton turtleneck or tee is a great way to add comfort and warmth. Plus- I love the way it looks!

Day 3: I’m Right on Top of That, Rose! (Tracy)

On Day 3, I had a meeting, so I turned to the 1990s for inspiration. Specifically, the 1991 film “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.” Remember when Christina Applegate’s character gets a job at General Apparel West and raids her mother’s closet for workwear that she melds with cool looks from her closet? Basically, she looks like this.

Via Pinterest

That’s what I was going for.

The blazer is vintage Armani scored at St. Vincent de Paul aka St. Vinny’s in Wisconsin, the shirt is Jones New York from Goodwill, the wide-legged trousers are from a consignment store, and my favorite part of the outfit are the 90s Nine West boots from Goodwill. Really embracing the nostalgia for these now!

Day 4: Casual Friday (Tracy)

One of the challenges of doing the challenge while working full-time is that I run out of daylight and time to take photos. Lunchtime is my friend, so on my daily lunchtime walk, I set up my tripod on the steps of the state capitol and took some shots while other lunch walkers looked on in curiosity. I’m wearing one of my favorite recent finds–a chic and cozy grandma sweater in a fantastic shade of teal from Goodwill. The shirt is from Target , and the earrings are a gift from husband from Essential Goods.

Day 5: Sunny Saturday (Tracy)

This outfit is what my husband would call Aux Etoiles’ “core brand proposition. ” It’s essential momcore: vintage blazer, vintage tee, high-waisted vintage denim. What makes it better is that most of the outfit came from my mom (remember, she’s a clothes hoarder like me). I vividly remember finding these early 1980s Bill Blass jeans in an drawer of my mom’s old jeans and making them my own, along with some sweet pairs of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. What I love about the Bill Blass is that, at some point, my mom was getting ready to hem the jeans and put in a bunch of safety pins. I thought they looked cool and I left them in. Over the years I used the jeans when I painted my house and now it’s fun to see the splatters of paint from my first house on the pant legs. These are story jeans.

The “It’s Better in the Bahamas” vintage tee is from the Lawrence Antique Mall, and the corduroy vintage Villager blazer is another find from dear old Mom. The clogs are new from Lotta from Stockholm .

Day 6: Lazy Sunday (Tracy)

I have never met a small vintage sweatshirt I didn’t like. They are like catnip to me. University and vacation sweatshirts are my favorite. Made for a child? Even better! That’s why it’s fitting that I close out the first week with one of my oldest sweatshirts from Univeristät Heidelberg. It bought it at a garage sale for $1! It’s perfect for a lazy Sunday.

Get the Look from Aux Etoiles

Day 1: Track Jacket

Color Block Andy Johns Track Jacket $38

Day 2: Blouse

Country Sophisticates by Pendleton Blouse $24

Day 3: 90s Blazer

Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy Oversized Blazer $68

Day 4: Grandma Sweater

United Colors of Benetton Cardigan $72

Day 5: Corduroy Blazer

Tan Corduroy Blazer by Stockton $48

Day 5: Vintage Tourist Tee

Free and Easy Belize T-Shirt $38

Day 5: Worn-in Jeans

Perfectly Worn-in Rustler Jeans $88

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