31 Day Vintage Challenge Week 2

Two weeks of the 31 Day Vintage Challenge are in the books. When you make it a point to incorporate vintage clothing in your everyday looks, it changes the way you approach getting dressed. Here are some takeaways from the first 13 days:

    Planning is key. Putting together vintage looks takes some strategy and creativity. Planning outfits the night before has saved a lot of time.
    Prepare for compliments. You will get lots of compliments when you incorporate vintage into your everyday wardrobe. That’s because you look 100% original.
    Taking daily photos is a challenge in the winter, especially when you have a full time job. The winter light is fleeting, so taking photos is happening at opportune times –usually over lunch.

Day 7: Classic Blazer/Scarf Combo

There is something about a blazer/scarf combo that is so undeniably chic and effortless. It’s how this American girl channels a French look. On this particular day it was mild and sunny– the perfect blazer/scarf weather. The 70s brown velvet blazer is by Tomboy and the vintage scarf is by Vera. I love the moody, washed out colors of this scarf. The outfit was topped off by vintage Ferragamo suede heels that I scored at St. Vinny’s in Wisconsin.

Sidebar: You need a Vera scarf. They are the best IMO because they come in great colors and patterns and they are have a wonderful silky texture. If you don’t have a Vera scarf, add it to your list. They can easily be found on Etsy or Ebay or in the wild at antique malls and vintage stores. I have a few that I have collected over the years.

My Vera collection.

Bonus Look: Holiday Party

My husband’s post-holiday holiday work party was that evening. It’s not overly dressy, so I pulled together a fun casual look of a 70s Strawberry Patch velvet jacket from Wildman Vintage, a snakeskin pussy bow blouse from Target, 70s Jesse jeans, and the pièce de resistance: a faux fur purse from Arizona Trading Company.

Bamboo handle purses are a piece that I return to over and over. I love the shape and they add some drama to a look. You can also find them for a good price–I found this one for $5!

I can’t even with this bag!

Day 8: Oversized Blazer Two Ways

I like to wear blazers on days that I have work meetings and I’ve been especially excited about wearing this fuchsia and black Pendleton oversized blazer. I love the oversized blazer trend and I love a good Pendleton wool blazer. For my office look, I went all black with my blouse and pants and used the the blazer for a pop of color. I scored this blazer at Wildman Vintage .

Then, after work, I gave the outfit a casual look with this wonderful “Mademoiselle” vintage tee from Blue Collar Bill. I love the color contrast between the pink and the green.

Day 9: Mad for Plaid

I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pair of vintage, high-waist pants, so imagine my delight when I walked into the Salvation Army thrift store and found the perfect pair of green plaid pants from the 1970s in my size. There is no label in the pants, but based on the button, I believe they are JC Penney. I wore them with a black Free People crop top and my 90s Nine West boots.

Day 10: United Colors of Benetton FTW

When I was in junior high (aka middle school), the coolest place I could imagine was Benetton–the clothes were colorful, the ad campaigns were inspiring, and the whole brand seemed so global and European.

Benetton! Via Pinterest

I spent my teen years in a small town in Wisconsin and our local mall was definitely not cool enough for a Benetton, so the only opportunities I had to shop my United Colors was when my family took trips to Milwaukee and I made them shop at the mall or when my junior high hosted an option field trip to State Street in Madison. It was on one such State Street adventure that I shelled out the $25 for United Colors of Benetton cologne. I felt as worldly and cool as a 14-year-old Midwestern teenager possibly could when I wore it. These days when I come across Benetton when I’m thrifting, I get the same thrill. This skirt is a great example of classic Benetton–great design, a vivid color, and great style that really stands the test of time. Wearing it with this lavender turtleneck gives the whole look a springtime vibe. United Colors forever!

Day 11: Quilted & Cords

Another cloudy day where the best light was in my office break room. Here’s a classic vintage ensemble that I wear a lot: a quilted 80s jacket that I purchased from Gold Heart Vintage on Etsy and vintage Levi’s cords that I thrifted long ago. A great casual Friday look.

Day 12: Snowpocalypse

On the 12th day it snowed. A lot. Good thing I had my vintage coveralls to wear while I shoveled my driveway and my sidewalk. This navy blue pair is great and fits perfectly. I picked them up at Ragstock in Minneapolis. My kids think I look like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies when I wear them. I’m not sure how to process that.

Day 13: Packing

I love the opportunity to escape the cold weather for more tropical climates, but packing for said weather when it’s 30 degrees and snowy requires a total mind shift. Day 13’s outfit helped with the transition. I wore one of my all-time favorite sweaters: a 1970s v-neck with an Art Deco-screen print of a lady at the seashore. I love 1970s-does-1930s pieces! When wearing a seashore sweater, the obvious choice to complete the look is vintage wool sailor pants. I wore this outfit to Target and felt warm and vacation-ready.

Until next week!

Get the Look at Aux Etoiles Vintage

Aubergine Velvet Blazer $42

Paoli Scarf $18

Oversized Blazer $65

70s Pants $52

Coveralls $88


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