7 Things We Bought at Attire KC

About a week ago, we were one of the vintage sellers at the Attire KC Summer Market, Kansas City’s premier vintage market organized by Peaches Vintage Collective. It was a great day– we got to meet customers, talk shop with other sellers, spend time together, and we sold a few things along the way. But, oh my goodness, we are not exaggerating when we say that it was the hottest we have ever been. KC brought the heat! But, KC folks are also troopers, so there was a steady crowd of vintage lovers all day.

We love participating in pop up markets and that’s because we love shopping as much as we love selling. And the Attire KC sellers did not disappoint! Here are seven things we purchased and how we plan on styling them.

Tracy: Vintage Tee from Dry Clean Only Vintage

There are so many fantastic paper thin 70s and 80s tees at vintage markets, but you know a keeper when you see it. This red, tissue thin Heaven tee did it for me. It’s deliciously 80s and I could picture Billy from Stranger Things wearing it. I plan to wear it with a tuxedo blazer and slim black trousers and with my high waist 80s Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. A vintage tee always brings lots of great possibilities!

Check out Dry Clean Only Vintage for more great finds.

Tracy: Wood handle purse from Ballad Vintage

Pro tip: When you see great vintage, snap it up! That’s how I felt when I saw this wood handle tapestry bag. I have a closet full of purses, but what’s one more. This purse was with me all last weekend, it came to Ikea with me (flowy black dress) and the grocery store (tie dye and cutoffs). I have visions of carrying this purse with a velvet blazer in the fall. More to come!

Ballad Vintage has purses and lots of other great vintage. Check her shop out!

Tracy: A Tracy patch from Hepkat Vintage

Do you ever look for your name on a rack of personalized keychains and find that it’s gone. Gone! Tracy used to show up without fail during my childhood, but now it’s gone the way of Hester and Prudence (note to self: those are pretty cool baby names). Anyway, imagine my delight when I found not one, but two Tracy patches in a collection at the Hepkat tent. Score! I plan on affixing it to a baseball cap, a tee, or a jumpsuit. I’m open to ideas–share your’s in the comments. In the meantime, let’s hear it for 70s names!

See what’s happening at Hepkat Vintage!

Kara: Vintage Wilson Tennis polo shirt from Woodwose and Me

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we’re into vintage tennis looks. This perfectly worn in polo looks amazing with biker shorts, over workout clothes, with baggy pants, to name just a few. I may take in the arms a bit to make it more feminine, but for now rolling up the sleeves does the trick. Here I am going for a suburban country club prep vibe. I think this will look edgier in NYC.


Kara: Sweet handmade drop waist dress

It was 110 degrees and I bought this one, again from Woodwose, without trying on. It’s super sweet, maybe too sweet for me. Perfect for hot summer days, maybe even as a beach coverup. It would also look cute peaking out of an oversized sweatshirt in the fall.

As you can see, Woodwose has an amazing color palate in her collections. Check her out!

Kara: Vintage Tennis Bag

This amazing bag comes from Dry Clean Only. My parents had a bag like this when I was young. The font is amazing. Could you even have a bag with the word “balls” printed it on it nowadays?

And for the full vintage tennis look:

Dry Clean Only can be found here, check out her excellent collection!

Kara: Vintage Sunflower Marathon tee

I have only taken this tee off long enough to wash and dry it. Super soft, amazing graphic, and from sunflower state! Wanderland Vintage has SO many great tees, inspiring as a seller and as a shopper!

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