2021 Gift Guide, part I

It’s that time of year, gift season! We’ve put together a list of gifts for the special people in your life. Feel good gifting one-of-a-kind items, and extending the life of vintage garments. All of the non-vintage items are from independent female designers and artisans (part II). We love everything on this list! Enjoy and happy gifting! xo, aux etoiles

Psychedelic Quilted wrap skirt: For the friend who is actually back at the office and goes from there to the gym, a chic and warm way to wrap up and move through the day!
Faux Crocodile Purse: For your pantsuit loving friend.
Geoffrey Beene Velvet Suit: For the budding luxury American vintage collector.
Black Velvet Jumpsuit: For the friend with the coolest Nike high tops Air Jordan’s.
80s Escada Silk Blouse: For the New Yorker you’re trying to impress.
Olga Nightgown: For the friend who let her gray hair grow out, the friend who sets intentions, Stevie Nicks fan, the person who says they are kinda witchy.
Cashmere V-neck: The safe bet gift, or for a man, or when you’re not sure of his/her size, or for your mnz obsessed friend.
Cashmere 70s Gucci Skirt: For your date with your BFF to see House if Gucci
1986 Banana Republic Walking Skirt: For the friend who was there (the 1980s), for a person who gets luxury is from design and function (and not only Gucci!).
Gray Sweatsuit: A rorschach type of gift wherein whoever gets it can adapt it to their own unique style (we love it with heels).
Wool Winter Shorts: Back to that mnz loving friend…
Vintage Express: For the ahead of the curve fashion friend. For the collector of American vintage. For the 80s enthusiast.
Vintage Pointelle Sweater: 70s Celine vibes. Euro vintage vibes. For your friend you run a vintage shop with 😉
Vintage Duofold Thermal: For your teen who is into 80s/90s punk, who hangs outside in the cold at the park with her friends. For your child/friend in a band.
Vintage Travel Bag: For your vaxxed vintage jet setter on the go.
Vintage Liz Claiborne: For your friend who winters someplace tropical.
Sweater Vest: For the fashion friend who always wears just the right thing.

Stay tuned for our gift guide part II: gifts from independent women designers and artisans!

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